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The revolutionary fertilizer company Humic Growth Solutions continues to “make food grow better.” Not only is the company continuing to grow food better, but it’s also helping Panola County grow, as well. Humic Growth’s expansion to Sardis, Mississippi, brings new jobs, sizable wages and a facility that is accommodating its successful operations.

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Humic Growth Solutions brings a revolutionary and healthier alternative to conventional agriculture practices. As a world leader in producing certified organic humate products, the company expanded its operations to northern Mississippi. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Humic Growth specializes in the wet chemistry extraction of humic and fulvic acids. Put simply, they’re in the business of making food grow better.

Offering its product in various forms – liquid concentrate, soluble powder and a patterned granule – Humic Growth Solutions serves clients in over 40 countries worldwide. Some of the many benefits associated with extracted humates in agriculture include enhanced nutrient uptake and use efficiency, the reduction of synthetic fertilizer dependency and maximizing crop yield. The company’s raw material source is one of the only known ancient freshwater sources on the planet that contains high concentrations of humic and fulvic acids.

With the goal of reducing dependence on synthetic fertilizers, Humic Growth’s product is safe for organic and traditional farmers, helping wean the industry off of harmful materials. Soils that have lost their stable humic due to conventional agriculture practices negatively impact the soil’s physical, chemical and biological functions.

“Mississippi is a leader in the agriculture industry, so it is fitting that one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing of products designed to enhance crop production would choose our state as the home of its newest operations,” said former Gov. Phil Bryant.

Humic Growth located in an existing 65,000-square-foot facility that has the option to be expanded by 6,000 square feet. When the company was deciding where to expand, Mississippi’s skilled, talented workforce stood out from competitor states, securing this economic development win for Panola County.

“My choice was clear after the Panola Partnership shared their innovative commitment to workforce development through their Spark Program and Concourse training facility,” said Humic Growth Solutions Executive Director Kevin Merritt. “These training efforts and the support of Panola County, the state of Mississippi, federal officials and agencies and Northwest Mississippi Community College have made it possible to hit the ground running post-construction.”

The future 6,000-square-foot addition includes the purchase of 10-13 acres of land located behind the current facility. Owned by the city of Sardis, the Panola Partnership is working to help the company purchase this plot of land.

“They’re [the city of Sardis] doing their due diligence now to sell that land to Humic, which will add an extra 10 jobs, but then also add an additional facility to the back of their property,” said Joe Azar, CEO of the Panola Partnership.

Along with new facilities, the expansion plans to bring at least 35 new jobs to Panola County. Currently, the company plans to pay its workers more than $39,500 a year on average.

“This [Sardis] is a great place, I love all that I’m learning about Mississippi, and our employees have been awesome to work with,” said Plant Manager Josh Wiinamaki. “Our owner has made a considerable investment here, and we hope to be in Sardis and Panola County for a long time.”

We hope this project will improve the quality of life in this historic Delta region by providing a solid living wage to our future employees. These opportunities will result in the production of a quality agricultural product that will assist farmers in higher yields and a more competitive global market position.
Executive Director, Humic Growth Solutions
Kevin Merritt
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