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Energy & Natural Resources

MDA’s Energy and Natural Resources Division works with state policymakers and other stakeholders to advance a comprehensive energy policy for Mississippi and ensure the state is positioned for energy sector growth. The division also facilitates energy management programs for the state that aim to strengthen energy security and independence, economic competitiveness and energy efficiency for the state and the nation.


Technical & Financial Assistance

The division assists private companies, industries, state agencies, public institutions and local governments develop strategies for reducing energy costs and improving energy efficiency. We also administer federal funding programs that help businesses make job-creating investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Energy & Economic Development

The division collects, analyzes, and shares information on the state’s energy resources. We work closely with industry partners and other stakeholders to enhance   Mississippi’s economic productivity.

Loan & Grant Programs

In 2013, Mississippi introduced landmark legislation incentive programs to position the state as a leading destination for energy-related economic development

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Mississippi’s Energy Roadmap

Mississippi’s Energy Roadmap is a six-point plan for harnessing Mississippi’s abundant energy resources for strategic economic developing while encouraging energy efficiency and energy supply diversity.

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State Mineral Lease Program

MDA facilitates the utilization, development, and production of the state’s mineral resources as required by law. The office of Mineral Lease is also responsible for the permitting of onshore and offshore seismic exploration conducted on state-owned lands.

Through the State Mineral Lease Program, MDA oversees mineral rights leasing from non-educational, state-owned lands, as well as permitting for seismic surveys on these properties. The program is designed primarily for leasing Mississippi’s interest in oil and gas resources, although the state may also lease for mining-type minerals, such as sand, gravel, coal, and limestone. 

The state owns more than 600,000 acres, and the Mineral Lease Program manages all state-owned minerals except those located on sixteenth section and university lands. All proceeds, including lease bonuses, rental fees and royalty income are allocated to Mississippi’s Educational Trust Fund (97.5%), Gulf and Wildlife Protection Fund (2%), and administration of the mineral lease program (.5%).

Seismic Permitting

Seismic surveys conducted over state-owned onshore lands require a permit. Read Seismic Exploration Rules and Regulations.

Email inquiries to or mail them to:

Energy and Natural Resources, Mississippi Development Authority
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Government and Public Facilities Energy Use

MDA’s Energy & Natural Resources Division works to minimize energy consumption and maximize energy efficiency in state-owned facilities, including buildings used by state agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, and community colleges.

The division provides technical assistance and training on building energy codes, data gathering requirements, buildings and facilities energy audit procedures, uniform data analysis procedures, employee energy education program procedures, energy consumption reduction techniques, training programs for agency and institution energy coordinators, guidelines for buildings and facilities managers, building retrofit revolving loan fund policies and procedures, and program monitoring and evaluation procedures.

State Energy Management Program

State agencies are required by Mississippi law to report energy metrics to MDA’s Energy & Natural Resources Division (MDA-ENRD). All state agencies that provide consumption data to MDA have access to an online database which allows them to view and benchmark their energy consumption information. In addition to online video tutorials, MDA-ENRD provides in-person training opportunities for state agency personnel to gain experience in using the cloud-based platform.

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Educational Programs

MDA offers three programs designed to raise awareness about energy, physical sciences and conservation among students, educators and the general public.

Mississippi Regional Middle School Science Bowl

To encourage student involvement in math and science, the Energy & Natural Resources Division partners with the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science to host the Mississippi Regional Middle School Science Bowl each year. Teams of students compete in a science quiz bowl and answer questions about life science, physical science, earth science, general science, and mathematics. The winning team progresses to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Science Bowl.

Mississippi’s Need Program

The Energy and Natural Resources Division works with the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) to provide energy education professional development activities and workshops for Mississippi educators as funds are available. Based in sound science education, NEED program materials and activities encourage critical thinking and cooperative learning among students and have been shown to improve test scores and develop leadership skills.

Energy Day

Mississippi celebrates Energy Day each year in October as part of Energy Awareness Month. This annual event features innovative and interactive exhibits focused on energy resources, science, environmental awareness, and technology for students, educators, and consumers.

Alternative Fuels

The Energy & Natural Resources Division advocates for the use of the alternative fuel sources for government and private fleets and consumer vehicles. The follow fuels are recognized by the Energy Policy Act of 1992: biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, natural gas, propane and emerging fuels.

Mississippi Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

The Mississippi Development Authority – Energy & Natural Resources Division (ENRD) is issuing a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the Mississippi Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (MIEEP), which is made possible through $532,000 in State Energy Program (SEP) funds from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). MIEEP is designed to assist Mississippi manufacturers and industrial processors with making energy-efficient upgrades to their facilities in order to reduce energy consumption and operating costs, thus generating savings that can be directed towards more productive and value-added activities. Grant awards through the program range between $15,000 and $50,000, with the maximum award not exceeding 50% of the total project cost. Refer to the FOA for more information.


Mississippi is a leading state for potential biomass energy, with the capability to produce sufficient feed stock for building and sustaining markets for energy, fuel and other products. The wood products industry  – more than eight million dry tons per year – is the principal source of biomass in the state used as a fuel to generate steam and electricity. Research is ongoing to determine the most efficient use for biomass produced from municipal solid waste systems, corn grain, soybeans, poultry litter, and used grease.

Mississippi Development Authority Biomass Asset Mapping Tool

MDA’s Biomass Asset Mapping Tool offers county-by-county geospatial data, showing available biomass in Mississippi by source.

Energy & Natural Resources Team

Phone: 601.359.3449
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Dr. Sumesh Arora

Gayle Sims
Bureau Manager Federal Reporting, Mississippi Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

Energy Education & Workforce Development, Energy Security

Lisa Campbell
Energy Education & Workforce Manager October Energy Awareness Month, Project NEED, Middle School Science Bowl, Regional Science Fairs

Energy Efficiency Programs

Ethan Cartwright
Energy Efficiency Program Manager Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund, Performance Contracts, Energy Efficiency Lease Program, Mississippi Alternative Fuel School Bus and Municipal Motor Vehicle Loan Program, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Reporting