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Community Services Division

The Community Services Division provides technical and financial assistance programs that promote health and economic growth in communities. Through several grant and loan programs, the division provides funding to communities for basic public infrastructure needs. A number of the programs the Community Services Division administers are federally funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Please see the following HUD-required notices:

Instructions and Policy Statement

CDBG Economic Development Information

The Community Development Block Grant Economic Development program provides funding for local units of government in the funding of eligible infrastructure improvements in the support of better paying private sector jobs. The use of these funds are directly associated with the creation or retention of jobs of which at least 51% must be low-and-moderate income people.

CDBG General Information

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is awarded to local units of government in the State of Mississippi that show a genuine need for basic community services. Applications are taken one time a year and the process is very competitive.

The Community Development Bureau provides technical assistance throughout the grant process.

CDBG Public Facilities Information (Application)

CDBG Public Facilities Information (Implementation)

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ARC Information

MDA works collaboratively with local planning development districts (PDD’s), economic development organizations, and local communities in the development of eligible projects to address the needs of the 244 Mississippi ARC counties. ARC provides grant funds to help increasing private sector and high wage jobs, develop sustainable communities with high quality of life and fund special regional initiatives in Asset Development.

CAP Documents

The Capital Improvements Revolving Loan program is designed for making loans to counties or municipalities to finance capital improvements in Mississippi. These loans are only applicable for eligible activities that can be found below in our CAP Guidelines.

DIP Documents

The Development Infrastructure Program (DIP) is a grant program that is available to fund publicly owned infrastructure. Funding from this program is directly related to construction, renovation, or expansion of industry. Job creation is the goal of the DIP program.

RAIL Program Documents

The Mississippi Freight Rail Service Revolving Loan Program (RAIL) is designed for making loans to communities to finance freight rail service projects in Mississippi. We encourage the use of these funds with other state and federal programs.

Small Municipalities & Limited Population Documents

The Mississippi Small Municipalities and Limited Population Counties Grant Program (SMLPC) is designed for making grants to small municipalities and limited population counties or natural gas districts to finance a various amount of projects to promote economic growth in the state.