RealPure Bottling Company Expanding in Magee, Creating 45 Jobs

Magee, Mississippi — September 21, 2017 — RealPure Bottling Company, formerly Shooting Star Beverages, is expanding in Magee, Mississippi. The project is a $19.75 million corporate investment and creates at least 45 jobs.

“RealPure’s expansion and addition of new jobs are indicators of the strong business climate and quality workforce for which Mississippi is known. The state’s business advantages help companies like RealPure maintain a competitive edge,” Governor Bryant said.

Shooting Star Beverages was recently purchased by Silver Springs Bottled Water Company of Ocala, Florida.  Silver Springs Bottled Water Company is the largest privately held bottling company in the state of Florida. The company’s investment in the Magee plant, now operating as RealPure Bottling Company, includes the purchase of the property, purchase of equipment and building renovations.

“We are excited to be welcomed by the state of Mississippi and the city of Magee. We look forward to building on what has been establish by the existing team at RealPure and growing together in Mississippi,” said Silver Springs Bottled Water Company CEO Kane Richmond. “We hope to be a positive addition to the state and the city of Magee for years to come. We are privileged to be added to community and help grow the RealPure team.”

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance through the Advantage Jobs Program. Simpson County and the city of Magee committed to provide five-year property and personal property tax exemptions. Through a business rider, Entergy is able to discount the company’s bill based upon usage.

“Mississippi’s leadership supports community development and economic development by enhancing a business environment that fosters growth and success.  By partnering with companies like RealPure, we are creating a future of economic opportunity for the people of Mississippi,” said MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr. 

“By taking advantage of the Entergy Mississippi rider, which is intended to help companies firmly establish their operations during the first years, RealPure will save nearly $1 million over a five-year period,” said Ed Gardner, Entergy Mississippi director of economic development. “But the company is not the only one who will benefit – all customers will benefit from the added growth and jobs these savings are expected to create.”

Today, RealPure Bottling Company employs 29 and expects to fill the remainder of the 45-50 jobs within the next few months.

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