MDA awards V-Quad grants for technology ventures

Jackson, Mississippi – April 19, 2021 – The Mississippi Development Authority has awarded five Virtual Quad grants to three universities and two private companies as part of a program designed to support Mississippi entrepreneurs.

The University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University and the University of Southern Mississippi each received $5,000 for their projects. ConnectVNA, LLC, and GS Research LLC also received $5,000 grants.

These are venture development grants supported by the EPIC Prize from the U.S. Department of Energy, which MDA won to highlight the state’s technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem. The competition was open to qualified teams developing new products or services in energy and agriculture technologies.

The projects that won included an oil and gas portal platform, novel building dehumidification system, energy-efficient windows, concrete property enhancement and a plant with potential applications in biodegradable plastics.

An additional five companies that competed will have access to consulting services for their projects and also will participate in the V-Quad business accelerator.

V-Quad’s goal is to build an innovative, virtual incubator network to support Mississippi entrepreneurs launching businesses focused on energy- and agriculture-related technologies. This will be a public-private partnership that connects Mississippi’s research universities, industry, government and non-profits into a cohesive, tech-based entrepreneurial network.

The project also includes a consortium with MDA, Innovate Mississippi, the Institutions of Higher Learning and the four research universities: Mississippi State, University of Mississippi, Southern Miss and Jackson State.

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