Adranos bringing rocket motor research and development to Stone County

Jackson, Mississippi – September 24, 2020 – Solid rocket fuel innovator Adranos, Inc. is locating its rocket motor research and development operations in McHenry in Stone County. As a part of its relocation to Mississippi, Adranos will make a $525,000 corporate investment and plans to create 20 jobs.

“Mississippi continues to make strides in our efforts to send astronauts once again to the moon and beyond. The newest company to join the ranks of others in this mission, Adranos, will further bolster our position as a leader in space exploration,” Governor Tate Reeves said. “The company’s environmentally friendly, next-generation rocket fuel will be advanced by Mississippians in Stone County, and we are proud to partner with them and with Adranos as we continue to make history on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and for our nation.”

Adranos is locating at the 640-acre, seven-building complex formerly occupied by General Dynamics. The site’s primary advantages are its proximity to Stennis Space Center and its compliance with all Department of Defense safety requirements for munitions handling. There, Adranos will build a rocket motor test stand so it can perform a series of tests of its next-generation rocket fuel, the first of which will occur during the summer of 2021.

“The opportunity afforded to us by Stone County and the Mississippi Development Authority is truly extraordinary. The facility and local employment base will enable us to advance our high-performance rocket fuel and grow our company for many years to come,” said Adranos CEO Chris Stoker.

“South Mississippi’s workforce is second-to-none and plays a critical role in the region’s efforts to explore the depths of outer space, and now 20 more of the area’s residents will have the opportunity to be an active part of this important mission,” said MDA Interim Director John Rounsaville. “We are grateful to the Stone County Economic Development Partnership and Cooperative Energy for their support of this company. As a result of their teamwork, new jobs and investment are being realized in Stone County and beyond as Adranos prepares to ramp up production of its state-of-the-art rocket fuel.”

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for the construction of the test stand. Through the Cooperative Competes grant program, Cooperative Energy and Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association also are assisting with the project, as well as the Stone County Economic Development Partnership.

“These outstanding innovators have developed the next generation of solid rocket fuel that increases rocket performance and does not harm the environment. Adranos co-founders Chris Stoker and Brandon Terry are excited about having discovered the perfect facility here in South Mississippi.” Betsy M. Rowell, executive director Stone County Economic Development Partnership. “Homes are being purchased, they are looking to fill jobs here soon and nearly two dozen local construction employees are working on the buildings with move-in day in mind. Adranos brings a level of technology that further enhances Mississippi as a leader in space launch capabilities and offers a competitive advantage for military defense technology.”

“Along with Cooperative Energy, we have worked with various partners to support marketing the former General Dynamics campus for new development,” said Pearl River Valley Electric General Manager Randy Wallace. “Adranos choosing the campus is a great win for our territory, and we are excited to welcome the company and state-of-the-art career opportunities to our region.”

Adranos plans to fill the 20 jobs by the end of 2023.

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