Creative Economy Grants Awarded To Seven Communities

Jackson, Miss. (April 1, 2013) – The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) recently awarded seven Mississippi communities grants under the Asset Development Division’s Creative Economy Grant Program. The program offers qualified communities financial assistance to help support and grow their local creative economies.
The Creative Economy Grant Program funds will be utilized by the communities to add creative economy activities to their long-range growth and strategic plans or to enhance the creative environment in their areas. Grants were awarded on a competitive basis at a maximum of $10,000 each with a required 50/50 match from recipients.
“On behalf of MDA, it is my pleasure to congratulate each of the communities selected to receive a grant,” said Joy Foy, MDA Asset Development Division director. “Every community has creative and cultural assets that help make it unique, contribute to the quality of life there and hold the potential for future growth. The communities receiving funds through this program are taking proactive steps to further build upon and cultivate these assets as part of a strategic plan for long-term growth and development.”
MDA’s Asset Development and Tourism divisions partnered with the Mississippi Arts Commission (MAC) in crafting this grant program.  MDA and MAC work closely together to create awareness of the creative economy, the impact it is having on Mississippi today and the economic growth potential it holds and to help communities grow their local creative economies.
Applications for the Creative Economy Grant Program were accepted through December 13, 2012. Mississippi counties, cities and towns that completed MDA’s asset mapping, Mississippi Main Street’s economic development charrette planning or Mississippi State University’s First Impressions processes were eligible to apply.
Mississippi cities or towns awarded creative economy grants include:

  • Town of DeKalb
  • City of Natchez
  • City of Ocean Springs
  • City of Pascagoula
  • City of Rolling Fork
  • City of Starkville
  • Town of Woodville/Wilkinson County

According to a 2011 study, Mississippi’s creative economy is a direct source of economic growth, jobs and wealth, and it has a direct influence on where people choose to travel, live, work and learn. The joint study, commissioned by MDA and MAC, revealed that the creative economy in the state is responsible for the employment of more than 64,000 people, including artists, professors, chefs, writers, designers, architects, sculptors and musicians.
For more information, contact MDA Creative Economy Grant Program administrator Alan Henderson at 601.359.3186 or

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