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Challenges and Opportunities for Advances in Grid-Tied Energy Storage in the Southeast: A JCESR Symposium

The use of energy storage provides numerous opportunities on the electric grid in the Southeast region of the United States.  Mississippi State University, in conjunction with the Argonne National Laboratory led Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), will host a regional event to explore challenges and opportunities for this technology in the Southeast.
JCESR is a major research partnership that integrates government, academic, and industrial researchers from many disciplines to create new breakthrough energy storage technology. This event will serve as a forum for industry, utility companies, academic and government researchers, and policy makers to discuss energy storage and potential major applications in the Southeast at both the transmission and the distribution level.
Topics in this symposium will cover broad applications that are economically important to the region and the nation, but also have unique drivers in the Southern and Gulf states region.  Three examples include (1) resiliency to natural disasters that can disrupt power over large geographic regions on the coast and inland with rural and urban populations of widely varying scale; (2) the unique regional need to adopt renewable energy standards, including importing wind energy and managing distributed solar generation in urban centers; and (3)solutions for rural and agricultural energy challenges.
Speakers and panelists from regional investor-owned utilities and electric power cooperatives, representatives of economic development, entrepreneurs, university and government researchers, and government policy makers will collaborate in a highly interactive one-day session of networking, talks, and question and answer dialogs. A reception the evening before the symposium will offer additional networking opportunities for those traveling to the meeting. A student poster competition will provide visibility into research topics in chemical and other forms of energy storage, and their applications in many fields, including the electric grid and transportation electrification.
Registration information available online.
Hosted by Mississippi State UniversityMSU Energy InstituteMSU Office of Research and Economic DevelopmentJoint Center for Energy Storage Research, Argonne National Laboratory, and the United States Department of Energy.

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