Tracey Giles

Tracey has worked with the Mississippi Development Authority since 2002. She is currently the Deputy Chief of Economic Development within the Mississippi Development Authority. Previously, Tracey was a Bureau Manager within the Existing Industry and Business Division and, prior to this position, she was the Bureau Manager for Community Development within the Community Services Division of the Mississippi Development Authority. Before joining MDA, she worked in the private sector and with the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration. Tracey has a total of 24 years in state service. Her experience includes working with local, state and federal officials, community leaders, economic development groups, and business executives to promote/attract business location and growth by providing technical and financial assistance to businesses and local units of government.

In 2007, Tracey received the Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) certificate and completed the Economic Development Institute program offered by the University of Oklahoma. She graduated from Mississippi College in 1991 with a Finance degree in Business Administration. She is a member of the Mississippi Economic Development Council, Inc.

Tracey lives in Brandon, Mississippi with her husband, Jeff. They have two children and two dogs.

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