Mississippi is a powerhouse for energy production, distribution and petrochemical manufacturing.

Mississippi is enriched with diverse energy resources, including oil, natural gas, coal and biomass. The state is the ideal location for oil and gas industry investment, offering a robust energy distribution infrastructure and an excellent intermodal transportation system for domestic shipping and global exports.

  • “We are pleased to bring to commercial scale our technology development efforts… in a community and State which demonstrate support for business innovation and real leadership in providing training skills development for its citizens.”
    Paul Lee
    CEO , Delta-Energy

Sector Spotlight

Mississippi is home to the nation's largest single-unit nuclear reactor.

Mississippi ranked number 2 in the world for oil and gas investment potential.

Mississippi has more than 13,000 miles of interstate pipeline transporting crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products.

Success Stories

Chevron – Pascagoula

“I’ve found that our state and local officials are available and open to businesses… to really help you solve problems and find business success here in Mississippi.”
Bruce Chinn , Refinery General Manager

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