No matter how you look at it, Mississippi offers the perfect environment for growth.

For hundreds of years, people have come to Mississippi to grow crops, timber and other commodities. But our state is perfect for growing any kind of agribusiness, thanks to our well-trained, skilled and productive workforce. Many of Mississippi’s leading post-secondary institutions have their roots in agriculture and continue that tradition today with innovative agricultural science research and partnerships.

  • “We are thrilled to join the thriving Mississippi business community… Relocating our operations to Tupelo will help ensure the strength of our business for years to come.”
    Rob Leibowitz
    CEO , Raybern Foods

Sector Spotlight

Top twenty producer for 15 agricultural commodities.

Sanderson Farms, a publicly traded company headquartered in Mississippi - Top 5 poultry producers in the USA.

Mississippi State University - $102.8 million in research & development expenditures in agricultural sciences, ranking 6th nationally 2014.

Success Stories


“The work ethic with the people from this region is phenomenal.”
Wayne Wade

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