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Mississippi is known as the Magnolia State, and like its namesake, startups around here grow tall, wide, and require very little to thrive. Even so, the state offers a plethora of services to help businesses succeed, including The Entrepreneur Center and a host of business incubators focused on providing young firms with funding and resources.

A pro-business climate with a low cost of doing business means more money for a startups’ bottom line, helping them to become profitable at a much faster speed.

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Fast Facts

Fast Facts
Top 10 Overall Cost of Doing Business
Top 5 Speed of Project Permitting
Small Businesses Account for 99.3% of Mississippi businesses
  • The Entrepreneur Center
  • Business Launchpoint
  • Business Incubators

Helping businesses get started

From recommendations to educational opportunities, the team at the Entrepreneur Center is ready to help.

The Entrepreneur Center helps startups by providing finance and accounting recommendations, marketing help, retail and general business assistance and other learning opportunities. As a part of the agency’s Minority & Small Business Division, the Entrepreneur Center has experience with businesses of all sizes and stages – from small scale startups to seasoned businesses looking to expand.

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Resources for new startups

Helping you plan for a successful launch

Business Launchpoint provides a step-by-step path for startups in the early stages of their business development plan.

Mentorship through professionals

Most people benefit from the mentorship of someone more experienced.

Mississippi business incubators nurture young firms, providing guidance, management advice, access to financing and strategic exposure to local business communities.


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