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Site Development Grant Program Overview

The Site Development Grant Program assists economic development organizations or local governments in Mississippi in developing more available green field sites for industrial development.

What types of sites can benefit?

Site Development Program grant funds can be used to support site due diligence or site improvements on publicly owned industrial property.

Grant funds can also be used for:

  • site due diligence on optioned property
  • public infrastructure improvement or expansion projects directly serving publicly owned or optioned property
  • assistance in acquiring publicly owned real property for industrial development purposes.

Grants can be used to support Ready Sites and Premier Sites.

Ready Sites: properties that meet the minimum criteria for a competitive, marketable site and are ready for a project within an expedited timeframe.  They must have a minimum of 20 highly developable acres that are site-work ready within 6 months or can have utilities on site in 12 months. Rail-served sites and sites with airport or port access are preferred.

Premier Sites: properties that meet the desired development criteria of their potential market(s) and have additional differentiating or distinguishing site location attributes (e.g. are in high demand locations, offer intermodal and/or port access, have large-scale “mega” development acreage, have significant utility infrastructure already in place, etc.) Premier Sites must have a minimum of 100 acres with a labor force able to attract the intended market (a workforce study is required.) Rail-served sites are preferred, as are sites with airport or port access.

Who can apply?

Local economic development partners – i.e., counties and municipalities and public or private nonprofit economic development entities including, but not limited to, local authorities, commissions, or other entities created by local and private legislation.

Grant amounts

Ready sites are eligible for grants of up to $50,000. Premier sites are eligible for grants of up to $250,000.

Matching funds

Site Development Grant funds MUST match funds from other sources (at at least a 50-50 match).

Eligible activities: Both Ready Site grants and Premier Site grants can reimburse the following activities:

  • Attorney fees
  • Fees related to architectural, design, engineering, surveying, planning, mapping, and other due diligence-related professional services
  • Environmental studies/assessments
  • Costs associated with studies, surveys, permitting, or zoning activities necessary to complete site diligence
  • Geotechnical and/or resistivity testing
  • Clearing/grading
  • Environmental mitigation or the purchase of mitigation credits
  • Drainage system improvements
  • Right of way and easement acquisition
  • Utility system expansions and/or distribution, including natural gas distribution systems
  • Transportation infrastructure directly effecting the site (roads, bridges or rail)
  • Telecommunications systems, including fiber optics
  • Bulkheads
  • Taxiways and parking ramps
  • Land reclamation
  • Industrial park “getaway” signage and/or aesthetic improvements
  • On-site demolition (old houses, barns, etc.) subject to cultural review
  • Public infrastructure improvements directly serving industrial property that is publicly owned or serving optioned property
  • Acquisition of publicly owned real property used for economic development purposes by an eligible entity in cases where the acquisition price does not exceed the appraised fair market value of the property
  • Site development improvements as approved by MDA

Site Development Grant Program Guidelines

View the program guidelines document for more information on eligible activities.
MDA is not currently accepting applications for this program.


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