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Energy refined. Industries ignited.

Mississippi’s unparalleled access to water and timber makes it the perfect location for businesses in the forest, energy and chemicals industries. The forestry industry created an estimated 1,619 jobs and over $2.96 billion in income in 2018. Additionally, coal and biomass are readily available, and the state has more than 13,000 miles of interstate pipeline transporting an abundance of crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products.

An intermodal transportation system composed of rail, port, air and interstate makes domestic shipping and global exporting a seamless experience for over 40 Mississippi companies. In the Magnolia State, businesses have the resources and infrastructure to remain competitive in today’s dynamic economy.

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Success Flows Through Mississippi
to the nation's largest single-unit nuclear reactor
13,000+ miles
of interstate pipeline transporting crude oil, natural gas and refined petroleum products
1,619 jobs and $2.96 billion
in income generated by forestry in 2018
Harry A. Cole
the inventor of Pine-Sol, was born in Jackson, Mississippi

Forestry, energy and chemical companies in Mississippi

Learn about the forestry, energy and chemical companies that have significantly benefited Mississippi’s economy.

  • Blue economy
  • Renewable energy

Tapping in – not tapping out

The Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River have provided the Magnolia State with an abundance of aquatic resources for more than two centuries.

Initiatives like the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory at the University of Southern Mississippi look at sustainable coastal and marine resources, development of new marine technologies and help to educate future scientists and citizens, while the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality assists businesses as they navigate the permit and compliance processes.

Innovative solutions powering the future

Reducing the world’s dependence on natural resources is a priority in Mississippi.

In 2020, the state received a $122,070 award from the EPA to reduce costs and the use of water, energy and other natural resources. MDA also has created the Mississippi Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (MIEEP) through State Energy Program funds from the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Mississippi Energy Institute advises and provides insights into innovative natural energy solutions while Get on the Grid — a partner to the Mississippi Department of Education — helps fuel the energy sector with highly trained professionals.


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Forestry, Energy and Chemicals
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