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Growing success in the food industry

Agriculture, food and beverage are long-standing industries in Mississippi, and the state is a top 20 producer for 15 agricultural commodities and rose to the top of U.S. aquaculture in the 2018 census with $230.7 million in sales. Agriculture employs about 17.4% of Mississippians, either directly or indirectly, and the industry had an estimated value of $6.22 billion in 2020.

In addition, the state’s exceptionally fertile soil offers an ideal location to grow crops – and grow your business. Thanks to Mississippi’s exceptional highway system, comprehensive logistics network and low cost of doing business, agricultural companies flourish in the Magnolia State.

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Fast Facts

Success Flows Through Mississippi
Mississippians employed in agriculture, either directly or indirectly
farms cover the state across 10.4 million acres
Top 5
Poultry Producer in the U.S.
Greenwood, MS
is commonly known as the "Cotton Capital of the World"

Major Employers

Employers in the food and beverage industry in Mississippi run the gamut from small, hometown operations to regional farms. Learn more about the companies that provide food and drink in Mississippi and beyond.

  • Food and crop production
  • Food processing & manufacturing
  • Research and Science

It takes a sustainable state to feed a nation

Research in resource protection is guaranteeing a healthy and sustainable future

Did you know that there are approximately 34,700 farms in Mississippi that cover 10.4 million acres of land? Agriculture is Mississippi’s number one industry, and we know how important it is to protect our resources to make sure we can continue feeding the nation. Companies like SumaGrow and Humic Growth Solutions support our farmers and food producers through sustainability research and enhancements. From dedicated farmers to researchers, there’s no doubt that Mississippi is the perfect environment for growth.

Household brand names

Mississippi shelves goods and staple products in kitchens across America

Head to your kitchen and we guarantee you’ll find some made-in-Mississippi products on your shelves. Borden dairy, Tyson chicken, Pirouline cookies, Calbee snacks and Ben’s Original rice all come from the Magnolia State. Our food processing and manufacturing facilities employ over 30,000 Mississippians across more than 250 food processing facilities.

Nutrition down to a science

University research is propelling Mississippi forward

Food processors and manufacturers in Mississippi benefit from the state’s extensive research in agricultural sciences. Mississippi State University conducts food safety tests and hosts the Center for Food Safety and Post-Harvest Technology, a USDA-ARS sponsored research program.


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Agriculture, Food and Beverage


With two universities offering robust agricultural programs (Mississippi State University and Alcorn State University), Mississippi talent keeps on flowing just like the river. About 17.4% of the state’s workforce is in the agricultural industry.

Major Employers

From agriculture to life sciences, companies excel in Mississippi across multiple industries. No matter your craft, you’ll find success here.

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