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Here in Mississippi, we proudly support active military members and offer a variety of resources for veterans. The Office of Military Affairs aids in the coordination of military and national security efforts throughout the state. The office integrates with the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security priorities, aerospace investments and university research to capitalize on the competitive advantages of being home to military installations. Being home to prestigious military installations not only gives Mississippi an ambitious edge, but also strengthens the state’s economy and workforce.

Mississippi boasts impressive numbers in the defense industry – in fact, Jackson is the top defense contract spending location in the state. Bringing in $2.8 billion in spending in 2019, Jackson is just one of the many Mississippi locations generating massive defense projects. In addition, top defense contractors such as Huntington Ingalls and L3 Technologies are choosing Mississippi to break ground on new projects, bolstering the state economy and increasing its leading presence in the defense sector.

Download Mississippi's Defense Economy Strategic Plan 2022-2026
Download Mississippi’s Defense Economy Strategic Plan 2022-2026

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Installation Commanders Council

Working to Improve Quality of Life for Service Members

The Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center in Gulfport, Mississippi has gathered lead members of federal and state military installations in the state to form a ground-breaking council. Its main focus? To prioritize the needs of our service members and work to improve overall quality of life.

The Installation Commanders Council (ICC) primarily connects service members in an effort to help ignite new opportunities and friendships, as well as exchange information and ideas from different departments. Coming together and keeping a constant flow of different knowledge is a win-win for all, making it possible to learn about other current and former installations, their capabilities and missions, and the scope and nuances that might not be visible. Other locations set to host ICC meetings include Keesler Air Force Base, Columbus Air Force Base, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg.

Mississippi Veterans Affairs

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

With a mission to honor veterans and their families, Mississippi Veterans Affairs (MSVA) has the lives of our current and past heroes top-of-mind. As a two-time recipient of the Pinnacle Quality Insights Customer Experience Award (2020 & 2021), MSVA takes tremendous pride in the quality of care and assistance they are able to provide to the state’s veterans and their loved ones. With four different locations in Collins, Jackson, Kosciusko, and Oxford, the helping hand of the MSVA reaches far and wide within the state. Also offering benefits such as veterans license plates and driver’s license veteran designation, the MSVA goes above and beyond for those who have put their lives on the line for their country.


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