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Mississippi Military Support Network

From shipbuilding and rocket testing on the Gulf Coast to aerospace and land systems in the Golden Triangle, Mississippi boasts impressive numbers in the defense industry. In FY2022, nearly $5.7 billion in U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) spending accounted for about 4.1% of the state GDP. With a reliable workforce pipeline and a robust multimodal network, Mississippi is mighty proud to be the home of industries providing for the national defense.

The Governor’s Office of Military Affairs (GOMA), which is housed within the Mississippi Development Authority, was established in 2021 by Governor Tate Reeves to better support defense and national security efforts in and around the state. GOMA’s missions include strengthening and expanding military missions within the state, increasing defense spending and improving defense communities. The office integrates with the DoD and the Department of Homeland Security’s priorities, aerospace investments and university research to capitalize on the competitive advantages of being home to several military installations.

GOMA, the Installation Commander’s Council and the Defense Communities Development Council work together to advance priorities of the Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard installations, missions and families in the State of Mississippi.

  • Defense Communities Development Council (DCDC)
  • Installation Commanders Council
  • Mississippi Veterans Affairs

Defense Communities Development Council (DCDC)

In February 2022, Governor Tate Reeves established the Defense Communities Development Council (DCDC) as a state-level advocate for military and defense entities in Mississippi. DCDC members are focused on providing state and federal entities with information and opportunities to strengthen the military installations in their communities. At the same time, DCDC also is working to help each community understand the benefits of defense missions and become engaged local supporters.

Installation Commanders Council

Working to Improve Quality of Life for Service Members

The Installation Commanders Council (ICC) is composed of commanders from installations in Mississippi. The council meets quarterly to discuss issues common to installations across the state.

Mississippi Veterans Affairs

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

With a mission to honor veterans and their families, Mississippi Veterans Affairs (MSVA) has the lives of our current and past heroes top-of-mind. As a two-time recipient of the Pinnacle Quality Insights Customer Experience Award (2020 & 2021), MSVA takes tremendous pride in the quality of care and assistance they are able to provide to the state’s veterans and their loved ones. With four different locations in Collins, Jackson, Kosciusko, and Oxford, the helping hand of the MSVA reaches far and wide within the state. Also offering benefits such as veterans license plates and driver’s license veteran designation, the MSVA goes above and beyond for those who have put their lives on the line for their country.

Economic Development Guide
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