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Natural resources in Mississippi

Our Energy and Natural Resources Division works alongside state government to create comprehensive energy policies, ensuring Mississippi is well-positioned for growth in the industry. Additionally, the division facilitates and promotes energy management programs for the state–aiming to strengthen energy security and independence, competitiveness, efficiency and longevity internally and domestically.

Through close relations with industry partners, the division assists private companies, industries, state agencies, public institutions and local governments in developing their own strategies for reducing costs and improving efficiency. Funding through loans and grants, as well as incentives, are available to businesses and organizations actively working towards becoming energy efficient and using renewable energy.

Mississippi is proud to be a leader in working towards renewable, clean and efficient energy usage–including biomass and other renewable resources–and is positioned to continue leading and promoting change in the energy industry.

Mississippi industrial energy efficiency program

MIEEP is designed to assist state manufacturers with making energy-efficient upgrades to facilities.

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Government and public facilities

Energy performance contracting

Section 31-7-14 of the Mississippi Code authorizes public entities to “enter into an energy services contract, energy performance contract or shared-savings contract” designed to finance cost-saving energy efficiency projects. These contracts provide for building improvements with little or no upfront capital costs and  are leveraged through future energy and operational savings achieved from the improvements.  These projects typically include energy efficient technologies, lighting, energy management controls, HVAC, renewable technologies, and other energy saving measures.

Energy and Natural Resources Division (MDA-ENRD) maintains a list of energy service providers that are on the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) list of Qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and possess a Certificate of Responsibility issued by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors.  Public entities may procure services from any qualified energy service provider on this list.  Companies interested in operating in Mississippi should contact MDA-ENRD at 601-359-3449 for more information.

List of Mississippi’s Pre-Qualified Energy Service Providers

Entities are required to notify MDA-ENRD in writing that it plans to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for one of the contracts described in Section 31-7-14.  Please direct all notifications to:

Dr. Jason Pope, Director
MDA-Energy & Natural Resources Division
Post Office Box 849
Jackson, MS  39205-0849

ENRD provides information and resources on procuring an energy savings performance contract. Model documents and other resources can be found at one of the following links:

Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Toolkit
Access to resources and information compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on best practices that building owners can use to successfully complete projects.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting – DOE’s State and Local Solutions Center
Website from DOE provides reports and resources on developing an effective ESPC program.

Understanding Your ESPC Savings Guarantee
Various aspects of savings guarantees in energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) are explained in this guide.

A free, secure, online database developed by DOE and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to document and track project data, perform measurement and verification, and demonstrate the ongoing value of ESPC projects in the municipal and state government, university/college, school, and hospital market.

The Business Case for Conducting Measurement and Verification in State and Local Government Energy Savings Performance Contract Projects
Report brief issued by the U.S. Department of Energy explaining the importance of using measurement and verification (M&V) processes to track if guaranteed savings have been achieved.

State Energy Management Program

The Energy and Natural Resources Division provides technical assistance and training on building energy codes, data gathering, energy audit procedures, employee education, energy consumption reduction techniques and more to assist state-owned facilities with cutting energy costs and formulating a more efficient future.

Through the State Energy Management Program, state agencies are required by law to report energy metrics to the division. Providing this data gives state agencies access to online databases, video tutorials and in-person training opportunities.

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Energy education programs

Activities and programs to continue the conversation on energy conservation.

MDA offers programs designed to raise awareness about energy, physical sciences and conservation efforts, with age-specific programs for everyone from students to the general public. The activities support the division’s mission to strengthen Mississippi’s energy workforce.

The Mississippi Regional Middle School Science Bowl is a collaborative effort between the division and the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science to encourage student involvement in STEM by hosting regional annual math and science competitions.

Mississippi’s Need Program is a partnership between the division and the National Energy Educational Development Project to provide energy education and professional development workshops for state educators. Educators can then use these trainings in the classroom to encourage critical thinking and learning among students to better prepare them for STEM careers.

Energy Day is celebrated each year in October as part of Energy Awareness Month. The annual event features innovative and interactive exhibits focused on energy resources, science, careers, environmental awareness and technology for students, educators and consumers.

Mississippi industrial energy efficiency program

MIEEP is designed to assist state manufacturers with making energy-efficient upgrades to facilities.

The division is issuing a Funding Opportunity Announcement for the Mississippi Industrial Energy Efficiency Program (MIEEP), which is made possible through $400,000 in State Energy Program funds from the U.S. Department of Energy. Grants from the program range between $15,000 and $50,000. Interested organizations should review the application and FAQ for more details.

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