Utilities & Permitting

Mississippi’s abundant and diverse energy supply, along with its fast permitting speed and solid communication network, are among the key elements of the state’s strong business advantages. These utility and infrastructure offerings translate into cost savings for companies choosing to locate in Mississippi.

MDA works collaboratively with the state’s utility partners on economic and community development projects to secure continued access to electricity, water, and other utilities at competitive rates.


Mississippi has abundant, dependable and reasonably priced electric power. Major electric suppliers in Mississippi are Cooperative Energy, Entergy Mississippi (Entergy Corporation), Mississippi Power Company (Southern Company) and the Tennessee Valley Authority. To support Mississippi’s economic development efforts, electric suppliers offer incentive electricity pricing to new manufacturing industries and to existing manufacturing industries that make significant expansions.


Mississippi has an abundance of readily available drinking water. The state’s more than 1,600 public water systems provide clean, safe drinking water for more than two million Mississippians.

The Mississippi State Department of Health, through its Division of Water Supply, is the regulatory agency for the state’s public water systems. The Mississippi Drinking Water Program serves as a model to the nation for its cooperative efforts with water systems aimed at providing water that meets all Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Act Standards.
All new public water systems or systems that make significant improvements or expansions go through a plan review process with the Division of Water Supply staff to ensure the system operates effectively and safely.


Wastewater permitting activities are handled by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Industries wishing to discharge into waters of the state must obtain an National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) wastewater permit from the state. Because of the abundant surface water in Mississippi, there are many locations for discharge.
Unlike most states, the federal pretreatment program in Mississippi is run at the state level, as opposed to the city level. Therefore, those industries seeking to discharge into municipal systems must obtain a pretreatment permit from the state. Generally, most municipalities in Mississippi have adequate wastewater systems. Also, the state has developed general permits for several stormwater related industrial activities, including construction stormwater runoff.
Natural Gas

There are 12 private distribution natural gas companies, six private direct sales natural gas companies and 48 municipal natural gas systems serving Mississippi. Thirteen interstate pipeline companies, most with open access transportation, and four major gas storage facilities supply Mississippi distributors through 11,000 miles of interstate and intrastate natural gas and crude oil transmission pipelines. This means that nearly all communities in the state can provide natural gas for industrial use.

Crude Oil & Propane

Three crude oil refineries are in operation in Mississippi. Mississippi companies dealing with crude oil have an excellent network for purchasing, storing, transporting and marketing this item on both land and water. Supplies of propane are also available throughout the state. Mississippi also has one of the world’s largest carbon dioxide (CO²) deposits.


State-of-the-art equipment and facilities are available to virtually every industrial site. Local and long distance rates are very affordable and competitive and are based upon individual usage.
Mississippi has more than 300,000 miles of fiber optics in place with more being put into the ground every day. Mileage relative to population density is among the highest in the nation.
More than 18,000 Mississippians are currently employed in telecommunications industries.


Obtaining environmental permits in Mississippi is simple since most state and federal permits are issued by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and most of Mississippi’s environmental regulations are identical to federal regulations. In fact, MDEQ is the designated authority to issue almost all federal environmental permits.

Permits are obtained through the office located in Jackson, where senior agency management is accessible to discuss your environmental needs.